On this page we have compiled an overview of all our archaeological and culinary delights. The dates of the individual events can be found in our What's On. We kindly request your Booking. Genaue Termine dazu findest Du im aktuellen Programm.


Sundays at 10 am

The MONREPOS Breakfast

Sunday morning! You should start it with a royal breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, combined with a guided tour about »understandIng HUMANity«.

Admission, Guided Tour, Breakfast: Adult 24.50 €, Children up to 12 years 16.- €

Duration: 2.5 hrs.


Every second Sunday at 10 am

The MONREPOS Breakfast for lovebirds

Why do we live in a relationship as a couple? Why is it so difficult to be faithful? And when did parenting become so exhausting?
Explore the theme from an archaeological point of view — with a romantic breakfast for two in our café-restaurant »MonAppétit« followed by a themed tour.

Admission, Guided Tour, Breakfast: Price per couple 58.- €

Duration: 2.5 hrs.


Every first Friday of the month at 6 pm

The MONREPOS themed evening about our ancestors’ diet

Which diet allowed humans to survive for 2.6 million years? Can one draw conclusions for our current eating habits?
We answer these and other questions as part of a themed tour followed by a 3-course Stone Age menu in our café-restaurant »MonAppétit«.

Eintritt, Themenführung, 3-Gang- Altsteinzeitmenü und Gesprächsrunde (exkl. Getränke): Erwachsene 59,- €, Kinder bis 12 Jahre 39,- €

Duration: 3 hrs.


During Summer

Wild and Messy — MONREPOS lights the fire

Summer time is barbecue time. But how to have a barbecue, if there is no grill? What to do if the steak is not in the fridge but still in the animal? MonCuisine invites you to the Palaeolithic barbecue — without all the modern frills. You prepare your meat yourself. You marinate, spice and cook it. All using resources and methods known in the Palaeolithic. Savour your natural sense of taste!

Admission, Themed Guided Tour & Barbecue (Drinks are not included): Adults 39.- €, Children up to 12 years 20.- €

Duration: 3 hrs.


In Autumn

Mushrooms in Nature and Culture — a Fungal Foray through the woods

with Dr. Lutz Neitzert (Cultural sociologist and publicist)

A journey through the exceptionally diverse world of fungi from an archaeological and cultural-historical perspective: their use as food, medicine, materials and drugs. On a fungal foray through the Monrepos woods, you will get an initial insight into the world of mushrooms and toadstools, their history, their uses and some advice on identification. Gathering is also on the menu, because in the evening a delicious mushroom meal is prepared on the campfire. But before that, you will discover what archaeologists know about the relationship between man and fungi, the role played by climate, how archaeologists can reconstruct the diet of ancient people, and the versatile ways in which fungi were apparently already used in early human history in a guided tour of the exhibition »understandIng HUMANity«.

Admission, guided tour »Plant Foods in the Old and Middle Stone Age«, fungal foray, preparation of »the catch« on heated stone slabs and dinner together at the campfire (Drinks not included): Adults 35.- €

Duration: 5 hrs.


Edible throughout the seasons

Edible throughout the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter

with Christian Havenith (certificated herbalist)

The day begins with a special guided tour on the subject of »Plant Food in the Old and Middle Stone Age«. After that, the trail leads under expert guidance into the forests around MONREPOS, because there is not only much to learn about the food of Palaeolithic people, but also much to collect. After all, the »prey« is asking to be cooked and then consumed together.

Admission, Themed Guided tour: »Plant Foods in the Old and Middle Stone Age« preparation of »the catch« followed by dinner in the »MonAppétit« café-restaurant. (Drinks are not included): 35.- € per person

Duration: 5 hrs.


All year

MONREPOS in cooking

MONREPOS conducts research everywhere, on the doorstep and in distant lands. Our archaeologists tell you the exciting story of their work across the world and serve typical dishes, sometimes from the Rhineland, sometimes more exotic. An archaeological evening for the mind and the senses.

Admission, dinner (excl. beverages): Adult 39.- €, Children up to 12 years 20.- €, Children from 6-12 years 16.- €

Duration: 3 hrs.

Tea Time

From October Thursdays at 3 pm


Fresh ingredients and quality calories prepare the body for the winter. Come into the warmth and enjoy delicious sandwiches, exquisite pastries and fine tea during the cold season in our café-restaurant »MonAppétit«.

Price per person: 25.- € (inkl. Tea)

Duration: 2 hrs.



Please book by sending us an E-Mail to monrepos@rgzm.de or call us at +49 2631 97 72-0