At Home in the Great Outdoors

In one- and multi-day workshops, adults and children discover nature - and themselves.
Depending on the season, for example,
it is the time for stalking, tracking
nach Essbarem im Monrepos-Wald.

Wied Woods Meadows

 The »Fürstenweg « circuit of the Rheinsteig starts and ends in the car park of Schloss Monrepos. However MONREPOS also lies on the path of the Rheinhöhenweg and other hiking tours. The Limeswanderweg,
Westerwaldsteig and Wiedweg are in the immediate vicinity.
We are happy to help you plan your hiking
route or bike tour around MONREPOS.

Questions & Booking

Please book by sending us an E-Mail to or call us at +49 2631 97 72-0