Today, just like over 3 million years ago

Winter is coming to an end, nature shines in a new green, and MONREPOS also has a new, varied program for spring, as usual; Evening lectures, regular themed evenings, a herb and wild plant hike, a wilderness camp and much more.

understandIng HUMANity

Why we are how we are

Basic Guided Tour

Experience a fascinating overview of archaeological investigations and their relevance for everyday life. This tour is suitable for groups of all ages with no previous knowledge. It will be accompanied by science mediators or archaeologists.

Duration: 45 minutes

Family Guided Tour

Once a week there is a guided tour specially aimed at families. Our science guides / mediators have applied their expertise in communicating with children of all ages to the development of a special version of the basic guided tour. This allows parents of small and older children to relax and have lots of fun together while learning about »understandIng HUMANity«.

Duration: 45 minutes


Prices per person: 3.- €
Preis pro Gruppe (max. 20 Pers.): Basisführung 40,-€, Familienführung 35,-€, jeweils zzgl. Eintritt


If you want to know why we believe in the supernatural, why we humans have ideas and invent things or where our desire for possessions comes from, our themed tours are just the thing for you.


If you are looking for that extra special something, our outdoor activities, workshops and other special formats offer you a welcome change from everyday life.