MONREPOS is Department of Pleistocene and Early Holocene Archaeological of the RGZM

Since its foundation 160 years ago the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz, Leibniz-Research Institute of Archaeology , has been one of the leading international archaeological institutions. As a Research Museum of the Leibniz Association, the RGZM is specifically committed to presenting its research topics within their social context.

In the cooperative framework of international projects the RGZM investigates and reports on the history of humanity. From its beginnings until the Middle Ages. Interdisciplinary and diachronic.

Apart from the central institute at Mainz the RGZM also consists of the: Museum für Antike Schiffahrt (Mainz), MONREPOS, Vulkanpark Osteifel (VAT), Labor für Experimentelle Archäologie (LEA)


Institute of Ancient Studies, Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology Division

MONREPOS works together closely with the Institute of Ancient Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz. Prof. Dr. Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser occupies a C3 Professorship there and at the same time heads MONREPOS. From the archaeology of early human history to the early Middle Ages, the Pre- and Early Historic Archaeology Division cooperates with major archaeological research facilities and museums of the neighbouring RGZM Mainz and RGK Frankfurt am Main. This methodology- and practice-oriented education confirms Mainz in its role as the leading German location in this field of education.


The Foundation was created in 1986 and is named after the well known explorer and polymath Prinz Maximilian zu Wied (1782-1867). The purpose of the Foundation is the support of research and its mediation in MONREPOS. Together with the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum the Foundation supports the upcoming generation of researchers with the award of the Prinz Maximilian zu Wied-Scholarship.

Founding members and supporters of the Foundation are the Fürst zu Wied, the County and Town Administrations of Neuwied, and the (sponsoring association) Förderkreis des Forschungsbereiches Altsteinzeit e. V.; the State of Rheinland-Pfalz also made a not inconsiderable contribution to the renovation of Schloss Monrepos. The President of the Foundation is the County Commissioner for Neuwied. His deputies are the mayor of the town of Neuwied and a family member of the princely house of Wied.

Sponsoring Association

Our sponsoring association, the Förderkreis des Forschungsbereiches Altsteinzeit e.V., has been supporting research and public outreach since 1984. Förderkreis members receive an invitation to all events in the museum and in an extra programme exclusive to the Förderkreis.

Contact: Financial Manager Boris Quade

Tel.: + 49 (0) 2631/ 806-4620

Pro bono volunteers

Pro bono volunteers form an important part of the MONREPOS Team. They support our research and the museum with their energetic assistance. And - thanks to our archaeological training programme - also with their know-how.

Further information and contact:
Dr. Elaine Turner

Tel. 02631-977219

Scientific cooperation

MONREPOS works in close cooperation with an international network of partners. Together we organize excavations, research projects and conferences. Our cooperation across the world does not only involve other archaeologists. Many other experts, predominantly from the natural sciences, are also involved in our interdisciplinary research.